Risk Avert helps keep people safe and meet compliance obligations

Optimising your Safeguarding processes, teamworking
and case outcomes

Safeguarding Reporting Process

Monitor and communicate trends, risks and actions using online dashboards and operational reports.


Communicate policy and collect reports of incidents, concerns and opportunities via the internet and confidential call centres.


Systemise the assessment, prioritisation, planning and documenting of each matter reported.


Maintain high standards of investigations and response through enforcing best practice workflows and documents.


Automate your processes, standard procedures and work instructions using workflow and other intuitive functionality.

Voicing Concerns

To identify and resolve concerns quickly, people must be empowered to report concerns.   This requires:

   Transparent safeguarding polices
   Understandable processes
   Support to those who report issues
   Easy to use reporting options
   Independence and impartiality
   Proactive communications 

RiskAvert's online systems, help lines, mailing services, and independent support services, help organisations achieve their safeguarding objectives.

Reporting Options

RiskAvert makes it easily for users to concisely report their concerns and issues through:

   Confidential helplines
   Online reporting system
   Confidential mail address
   Allowing anonymous reporting
   Providing independence
   Giving information and advice

The quality of information collected from helplines and online and is automatically validated against organisation specific data.

Workflow Functionality

Concerns are immediately notified to caseworkers for classification, prioritisation, assessment and action planning. The capability of RiskAvert's concern reporting system includes:

  Case load management
   Case Management
  Document management
  Workflow management
  Document uploads


Configurable System

RiskAvert’s concern reporting system can be configured to meet the processes, structure and data classifications of your organisation, including:

   Locations and assets
  Organisation hierarchy
  Case lifecycles
  Contacts and addresses
  User management
  Reporting dashboards

"RiskAvert have provided us with many years of unbroken service in the provision of Confidential Whistleblowing and Crimeline registers. Year on year, some of the information received has resulted in significant results and benefits."
Rating: 5 stars
Head of Security, Virgin Media

Customer Feedback

"RiskAvert provides us with an independent "Whistleblowing" service. They were excellent in constructing our bespoke system and ensuring the amalgamation of the disperate previous systems and call lines went smoothly. Our "Rightline" now provides an efficient means for reporting of wrong doing both internally and externally."
Rating: 5 stars
Head of Corporate Security, Sainsbury's PLC

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